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Community Supported Organic Energy Projects

Firstly, thankyou for taking your time to come and seemore about what is progressing in reltaion to your Community Supported Organic Energy Projects

Here is a copy of the proposals made to the councils.

The plan is for those who want to become involved in one already please email us at [email protected] and we can pass your details on to your local group.

For those wishing to start one of your own we have all the tools to assist you and will provide you with help with structuring and applications.

Firstly contact your local council and ask for information about land available under Agricultural Tenancy for a Community Supported Agriculture Project.

Once you have notice of land available order some leaflets from the following email address [email protected] he has all the artwork. They have a special price for you. Tell them that they are for The Free Energy Party UK. These will be with you next day. Next, go door to door explaining the information set out below. The key factors are that we are making land available for community members to grow their own organic produce, in return for 5 hours a week contribution of time to the project they receive a share of the harvest as per the Soil Association PDF, a third goes to the needy within the direct community and  third goes to shops and cafes locally to make organic food accessible for all. There will also be solar and other naturally occurring energy created and fed into the grid by these projects, on behalf of the contributors, effectively reducing their overall cost of living week on week in.

If you need furthere assistance please email me at the [email protected]

We curently have Organic Energy Groups in Bournemouth and Poole

Isle of White



We will be making our way to your community as soon as we have contributors.

So why not lead the way and invest a few hours a week to get one off the ground.

Example sent to Bournemouth and Poole

Hi Sarah,
I have already secured outlets for our organic produce, local stores and cafes and restaurants have already said they would buy it from the project.
I have also spoken to farmers who are struggling to get their hands on organic feed supplies instead of the readily and cheaply available GMO produce so they can sustain their grass fed cattle for example in the winter with organic feed. This is also another area I would like to explore growing organic crops to support the cattle farmers and the meat producers.

The Business Proposal outline is as follows.

The money that is currently being spent on supplying the communities with the services currently required by the council will be provided for by the Community Organic Energy Projects
In the first instance
Adult learning and Education costs can be absorbed by these projects by having the contributors who have these skill sets trade their expertise in return for their share of the harvest of organic produce.

Education and Training and Careers.
We will run a training program such as a  Field to Fork where Adults and children can use the projects facilities created by the contributors who are investing time in creating places of incubation for seeds, planting, maintain , harvesting and then taking the produce to market and the end user.
They will learn a wide variety of skills which will help them in their future. Teaching them how to be self reliant and sufficient, helping them overcome confidence issues. It helps with intergration and rehabilitation. It will give the people who access the facilities that the projects will provide a sense of belonging and purpose and responsibility.
We aim to have goats to the users of the facilities will learn how to process the milk by hand making cheese as well as animal husbandry. Being responsible for distributing this, along with the other produce and making sales in local markets giving experience with dealing with the public.
We will teach them accounting, book keeping, Marketing, and Sales experience will be gained.

We want to run engineering and construction workshops for children in the area and the people we have attracted so far have these skills to share. We have teachers and scientists and engineers who are happy to trade their skills in this way for their share of the harvest.

The people who will have access to organic produce directly or indirectly will immediately be 40% less likely to contract disease as 343 reports were published this last week demonstrating that Organic food has a 40% high amount of antioxidants than GMO. Antioxidants are needed to support the immune system to fend off disease.
Relieving the strain on the NHS and health care professions and the costs incurred reduced.
The people involved directly will also be exposed to activity, exercise and further aiding their overall health.

The projects could also be used as an effective alternative to the current solution of no hours contracts for people out of work alleviating the strain on food banks that people are using who are struggling to survive on their JSA etc. This would also look good on the councils statistics for those who are unemployed. The could be employed here and their payment is the food and energy they produce meaning that they have a sense of value and an opportunity to learn new skills whilst contributing to themselves and their community. That I feel is priceless.

The projects will be self sustaining the income generated from the sale of the organic produce will be reinvested into the community assisting with other issues such as homelessness and can be used to build earthships for shelter by the homeless adding to the value of each community and again offering an effective alternative solution to rough sleeping and homeless spikes.
If the earthships are too greater a leap of the imagination then the projects could use the money to rent property on behalf of the homeless of the community and assist them in getting back into a society that truly cares about each member and understands that for it to thrive all parts of its entirety needs to also.
There will also revenue generated by the sale of the Solar energy, into the grid that the project creates. After paying for the contributors energy in advance via the project we will sell the rest to Southern Electric at an agreed amount
At 13p per kwh each panel can produce thousands of kilowatts a day and will create an abundance very quickly.
We have access to designers of organic batteries as well as water generators and other off the grid capabilities that will be proven to back the project up when the sun goes in. There are solar concentrators. And anyone who wants to argue there is not enough sun here I have one word for them... Germany !! They are highly solar efficient and a great precedence to follow the example of.

This is of far greater importance today than a few weeks ago offering this kind of solution as a sensible alternative to fracking open our counties for needless releasing of gas which is contentious and causing opposition.
This will unite the people as it will create revenue and bring harmony to those protesting to the destruction of our planet.

Green Targets
Each project will be able to assist the councils with meeting these targets in one go.

Allotment Lists.
We also want to throw these projects open to some 941 people on Poole Allotment Waiting Lists and to any in Bournemouth so that those that clearly want to grow their own produce can, without the councils having problems with the legalities that come with allotments.

We have Agriculture and Horticulture planning and Specialists, Drainage and Surveyors that are happy to draw up a blueprint of how it will take shape.

To summarise
I don't know how much each of these services cost the councils currently but by granting us permission to roll these projects out across our counties we cover a multitude of issues with each one.
It isn't going to cost the council anything for us to do this, although if there is funding available to kick start it off we could do it much quicker.
It is what it is going to continue to cost the councils if we are not permitted to create such viable solutions.
We could offer a reasonable rent upfront in line with what a farmer would offer, however, we wish the board to take into consideration what the projects will save them in other columns of the accounting sheets that they are responsible for, which a farmer or an individual taking on this amount of land would feasibly be paying into the Corporate Estates coffers.

At the moment we have barely scratched the surface. I have been to 80 houses and 71 have committed.
We have formed a Community Group called The Bearwood and Merley Organic Energy Group.
We have also approached other councils and have been received very enthusiastically.
I would also like to point out the solar farm that has just been given permission by East Dorset council at Three Legged Cross is estimated to generate £400,000 for the community / council.
I don't know a farmer who would pay that kind of rent for 13 hectares of land with underground springs to anyone .

We have been in touch with and they are assisting us with legal advice
We have statistics from Holton Lee to demonstrate the benefits to personal growth and education to people who access these kind of projects.

We will also generate further income by holding workshops for private groups to come and connect with nature. Some members are employed by JP Morgan and are interested in running Green Team building events.
We can run Bushcraft survival skills and Reconnect to Nature projects for Home Education groups and local schools alike
There is standing hard core for up to 20 cars and a side access road so not to endanger road users on Magna Rd. I have also been informed that it is in keeping with the project that it backs onto currently supplying Methane to Dorset.
I hope this is of some assistance.
Kind regards

The Energise and Empowerment Project.