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Forgive the Debt :Levelling their levies

Posted by [email protected] on July 19, 2015 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)


In the last 7 months the activity that has occured across many major towns and cities and some very little villages too, has seen organic food springing up everywhere. The Magna Rd project may have not taken its form as sketched by Rosie Gold as yet, but the form the projects have taken and the people involved have driven them to being have created an amazing wave of a vibration of a different frequency and the effects are already apperant. The Dorset Organic Roots Community Group have forged a precedence that people in communities are adopting up and down the country.

Due to the awareness raised by the Magna Rd activity we now have groups in Bournemouth and Poole  Preston, Bury, Manchester, Newcastle, Bradford. Leeds. Redruth and Southampton. Now at this point we have to concentrate on getting this secured for those that have taken the action that is needed to become the competent community offering a valid, sound and effective alternative solution directly to the source of the situation instead of messing around dealing with effects instead of the cause. We know what is causing it and how now. We also know what we want to do and now comes the how to implement the what.

Direct democracy is just that. Adminstered by those directly effected by the cause,not some middleman, disconnected from the community and their real needs by millions of pounds that they are accessing that really belong to us.

To try to keep this simple( because the flouride has effected all of us to some degree by the amount they add to our freely created resource and then charge us for the priviledge to kill ourselves with) The reality we see around us is because of the fact that your 1/7 billionth share if you like (the planet divided by the people on it for arguements sake)  is held in trust through your birth certificate name. See for more information.

This birth certificate and your resources that are split into bonds and shares held within it in trust for you has been administrated on your behalf by the crown corporation. Infact anything with your corporate name on signed and dated is a bond and is used to create more money with yet you dont see any benefits? How does that work ?

Well, they make a liability claim on your behalf for your trust as the trustees. they claim around 120-180k a year per person per council. Wow with all that money why are there homeless people in the street?

The answer to that is because they have stolen it through their adminstration and paid themselves for pensions and payout funds filtered it through "adminstrative costs" and leave you with about 8-10% of that for your "public services". Which clearly causes "austerity". If the true liability for a human experience in, Leeds for example is £120k, then why has that person not got a roof over their head ? A millionaire sitting in the street with a dog  and a cardboard box is the greatest insult to our intelligent capabilities of all for me personally.  

It is the representation of how ignorant we have been made to truth and facts through the stifling of our free access to that resource. Truth. The one thing the corrupters of the truth fear the most.

We have peer policing through fear of the same action they are enforcing being force upon themused as the driving force to sustain the fear based economy we are embroiled in. " i pay my council tax so they dont kick my doors in..." one man was quoted which Land Council reply is "your paying for the time when you cant pay to be lived by the little old lady over the road too frail to slave anymore who was just evicted because she couldn't"

We would ask you to stop just stop and think what effect does my action have from here for those and those and them and me and I eventually ... it always effects you in the end. Why ? Because they are you and your them and they are me and i am you and you are them and them are we. Whether you like it or not we all come from one source whatever namethey choose next to have you all fight over. So look the person next to you is being persecuted in the same way by the same source, unite in that which you already share. In this country and in any country with a Rothschilds banking system and Birth certificate slavery is the commodity, we are the stock and they are human trafficking utiising our energy in the fear frequency in a way the universe is only just being understood to be effected by our actions here on earth.

So what do we do ? How do we make the magic we have conjoured in our brains take form ? We make it matter.

Literally make it matter so much that you live it breathe it eminate the solution out of your every cell and non physical being and you turn that thought into ta belief by thinkn it often, then your beliefs take on the form of the things that matter to you... important to get this bit .. you make what matters take form so removing your focus off your fears and putting it onto the solution of the "contrast", the unacceptable behaviour we see of the current administrators we have at the helm, suddenley becomes a positive thing, without them being so misguided, through their own corrupted understanding, we would never have got off our backsides and taken the action we have in the direction we are with the momentum we have,

We have forgiven the debt, fitional or otherwise brought about by the belief there was one to start with effects the vibrational fieldof the whole universe... we are source not their re source. We are it.

So our Direct  Democracy Counsel Homeless Committee will be rolling out solutions from venues in the local areas mentioned above. They will be found on a facebook page and will be promoted through shelter and food banks.

These are the people who have the greatest need those without shelter who dont wish it to be so will now have an outlet for them to visit faciltiated through an exchange of resources for Land Council assuming all the liabilities for that person who contibutes the venue in return for their assistance they get ours. Worth about £12k a year to an average household.

We will assist them to access their resources as a collective through us through you and by them for them and that will create a better community for us all instead of just a select few.

We will be organising the food if we can get some OPC outside personal contact contributors and some event managers to organise some leaflets with an agreed date and time and then we will come and explain how they can help themselves to then help others.

So now we would like to know ou of all the thousands in our groups and who email us for help which we freely give... Land Council is now asking who is up to forgive the debt collectively ?

If anyone wants to contribute five hours a w eek and have all their liabilities assumed on their behalf and discharged via a completely free structure in return we want to hear from you.

This way you get all your free organic food and energy becuase you have free access to your reosurces that your community require and the only thing standing in the way of you and it is YOU and i mean the YOU the corporate you being dictated to by people who support terrorism and fascism who would rather they earnt another £5k a week for locking up a homeless person than taking some of that beneficiaries money from their huge estate they have their fingers in and paying for a house at £200 a week ...

Have you had enough yet ?

We have

Join us at and be the change your potential is screaming out for you to be.

Levelling their levy.

Green Community Fair Poole Park 30th 31st August 2014

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We are very pleased to announce we will be at The Green Community Fair in Poole Park this weekend expalining about the Organic Energy Projects and other Effective Alternative Solutions and how making a difference is a very simple act of consciousness and becoming reconnected with the members of your local communities and how easy it is to support one another through this Tripod of Change platform offered by the Free Energy Party.

I have been asked to introduce the structure to the crowds on stage between bands on both days. We will be holding a Taste and See the Difference Session in The Green Gazebo and we will also have some Free Energy Party T shirts for Sale. The proceeds of which will pay for the leaflets ... so we are all totally self sustaining too.

We are also supporting who will be providing us with access to information about how versatile Hemp is and how this super plant is leading the way in medicine, materials for building and also in solar energy devices and numerous other uses it has ... So please join us for fun and FREE frivolities.

There will be loads of other green exhibitors there and local and national bands please see link on home page

The Seed Of Greed Solution Movie

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There was much searching and internet activity invested in the putting together of the film. The sound track was very professionally done by Sonic Kitchen Production House in Boscombe and the idea was to have done some filming in the field of the Magna Rd Project, however the weather changed and so on finding that You Tube wouldnt let you use your own soundtrack I set to collecting relevant memes up and got busy with the movie maker software.

We have had a great response from it and lots of views.

Here it is for you in case you missed it off the home page or elsewhere.

Open Hearts and Mind

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What a week!! Amongst the horrific news of the Malaysian aircraft and all the conflicting possibilities of the facts. The invasion of Gaza by Israel the innocents yet again have paid the ultimate price. Whoever brought that plane down and why can detract from the facts that we live in a world that is run by people who have no value for the lives of others. Most of them are non elected but yet they can get access to weaponary for destoying one another. In a reality where basic food and water is a battle to access the idea that you can access things abhorent to nature tells us alot about where we are right now. Which will continue if we allow it.We are all responsible for this through our apathy, fear and greed and by the direct supporting of such fundamental terrorism with our spending. We buy the products that these corporations create and brainwash us with from Revlon to Hugo Boss to Proctor and Gamble and good old Tesco's. It is time to become cconscious of the consequences of our individual actions. Amongst all that our drive for creating a better future for all continued. Distractions everywhere meant there was time lost but it was still a very productive week for us.

 The first meeting for the Community Supported Agriculture and Free Energy Project held in Bearwood on Wednesday saw a healthy turn out from volunteers from across Bournemouth and Poole. We had Project Managers, Accountants, Charity Workers, Events managers, Teachers,Business people Investor backers and people with hands on experience in a small gethering and the love for making a difference to others created an energy in that room that was obvious to me that we can do this very successfully. With this blue print we willl come to other areas of the Uk and do the same thing.

The council also made an unscheduled but welcome apperance in the form of Dave Brown, who was very open to the idea. The land has underwater springs to add to its attraction which means the original plan the council had for a cemetry up to 2 months ago now is no viable. Great news for us all as we wouldnt want to be revisited by our dead relatives when it rained. 

The land has not been touched for over 15 years to the understanding of our councillor which would signify goodnews for the potentialof a soil association approval for organic produce. We were unaware that the land backs onto a pant that is responsible for 90% of all renewable energy in Dorset created by Methane removed from Landfill which means our CSA fits right in with its surroundings and will compliment what is already there.

We have attracted the right people for the project, not by the lure of huge salaries either, you see it does work. The best people for positions like this are the ones coming for the good of the whole, instead of the people who are in it for the profit. The council, however have to make it financially viable we are told, so by offering to create services that the council are required to offer to the community we can save them money in one column of  their accounts without having to use money ourselves.  Adult learning can be incorporated into the structure along with education programmes for schools in the local area. We are going to do Farm Bootcamps for Kids and we want to make it as accessible as possile to all memebers of the community. The potential is unlimited except by our imaginations.

So we wait now for a man calle Rick from the Estates Office who has emailed me saying that there are other propsals to consider which i have replied to asking what those propsals are, i await for the reply as i write this.

We are off to meet with other community projects this week to get a feel for how they do what they do and how we can use themas an example in our presentation to the council to strengthen oour case , if needs be. 

We are organising an Awareness of Wellbeing Event to speak to all local business's involved in organic produce and alternative energy and medicine which will give us the financial support to create what these projects require such as materials and advvertising.

The connection of the heart with the mind brings unlimited potentiall and that was appaarent in the people involved. These projects are unlimited in their potential.

The Fairy Steps that became a Giants Footprint

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The Fairy steps that became a Giants Footprint

Last Sunday, as most of you know, we launched a fact finding event on our facebook page to see who wanted to become involved with the Share of the Harvest concept, The Community Supported Agriculture and Energy Projects. I would just like to say WOW.... YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!

The response is phenomenal. From all over the world people have expressed their desire to be included and involved, with offers from legal guidance, marketing, engineering, construction, materials as well as the man power to make this happen.

Spurred on by you all I contacted my local council regarding some land that has been earmarked in my neighbourhood for light industrial hoping that they may refer an alternative proposal. Apparently that is still being decided on. However to my great delight for all of us i was informed that next to the land i had enquired about was 30 acres of arable farming that the estates office had been discussing about what to do with that morning!! Loving the synchronicity at work I asked in which way would be the best way to propose the idea of the Share of the Harvest, which the lady I spoke to had enthused about. Armed with that angle I sent an email.

In return for the 5 hours contributed to the project the households will receive a third of the organic produce the project creates and the energy that the devices and solar's create will be fed into the grid on behalf of the participants. Cutting their energy bills. A fair trade for human energy we think instead of minimum wage!!!

The second third is distributed amongst the community that cannot assist physically through health or age, although we believe everyone has something of value to offer, in experience, knowledge etc.

The third third will be sold to supermarkets and distributed through a network to make organic food accessible and bring the price down overall for everyone. The profits of which will be used to sustain the project making it a non profit system and or setting up housing structures for those that need it.

They mentioned rent for the land and my reply to that was the value outweighs any short term monetary gain. The people of the community will be instantly healthier through accessing nutritional food and less of a drain on local, council paid for services, such as NHS, doctors etc. the local business's will have less days lost to sickness and if that wsnt enough we coould negotiate a share in the profits of the third share that will be sold into the shops and stores to bring the price of organic food down for all, however i would prefer that this money was spent on housing the homeless.

The momentum has grown so much so quickly that the number of emails is in the hundreds, I promise, I will get back to you all collectively tonight.

I went to a meeting in Westbourne and the response was again one of enthusiasm and positivity. It also meant we made contacts that are proving incredibly beneficial to the cause.

We have Luna from the Sonic cafe in Boscombe who has offered us a free Energy Radio station / Podcast. We also have a contact now for and in the Christchurch area. We have people offering to be Project Managers in Isle of Wight. Southampton. Suffolk. Cornwall. Scotland. Wales and Winchester,

We have Nick St Clair in London who has graciously offered us anything at all he can help us with and he is man of many, many talents. Please see the Youtube video A Day in the Life of a Lumberjack, very enlightening, entertaining and shocking all at the same time.

We have people who have felt written off by society giving their energy to making leaflets and also made a connection with the Swedish Free Party who share our ethos offering to do our promotional posters.

Not to forget the amazing people who have offered their assistance also which we are meeting on Wednesday to discuss further.

Then there are my neighbours. Well, my feet feel like i have walked a thousand miles, but the enthusiasm and inspiration and desire to make the changes teamed with the level of awareness that these people have, has dulled any pain whatsoever. I have knocked on doors and invited these wonderful human beings,being human, to our meetings and to become involve and it was one of the most incredible experiences i have witnessed.

The sense of relief that here was a workable solution was tangible and the conversations were uplifting and so enthusiastic that this has taken on an energy all of its own.

I was asked what do i get out of it at one door and this stopped me in my tracks midflow... I asked "In what way?" " they must be paying you to say this " I laughed incredulously.

" No money in the world could give me the feeling that this is. To make a difference to people and the planet and our children is something no amount of money could compensate me for. My pay off.. Organic food, Free Energy, Loving and caring about people and having an opportunity to demonstrate that, knowing my life may have made a difference...I dont know what else there is ..?!" They put their name down

So that was signature number 59 in Bearwood and surrounding areas. Merley I am getting to you and Kinson.

We have been invited to approach the schools and associations and local garden centres have offered us materials.

Using this intention please let me know who wants a leaflet template. Get out there knock some doors, speak to people and we can do this together people. People are ready.

Love and light and Universal energy xx

Organic Food Solutions Fairystep part 1

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It has been an eye opening few months since January where exposure to information has made it impossible to carry on iin the same vein as before. You cannot unknow something and that then gives us the dilemma of how to be congruent in a system that is set up to feed the population with contaminated food. 

Becoming conscious of what we eat and the health of ourselves,the planet and one another sentient beings can cause dissonance, frustration and helplessness to begin with. Watching your friends and family participate in the consuming of the processed GMO food like substance has created conversations, heated debates and loss of relationships. The system is set up for the access of cheap foodlike products to be chosen over the real thing. Our family has spent everyday in a hunter gatherer mode, hunting out organic food that is also not supporting mass farming of any kind has proven to be a more difficult task, worryingly,than anything we have ever undertaken.

Before knowing what we know now about the frankenfood that is stacked on the shelves of the supermarkets we would eat "healthy"... now we know that healthy had nothing to do with it. The soya milk we used as a substitute to the hormone laden cows milk is GM. Out. The fish that was bought because it was sustainable is fed GMO...OUT. The corn that is in so many things, GMO out... standing infront of the "Organic" section in Waitrose thinking is this all  there really is that is natural to feed our families on was enough to make me cry, amongst the vast aisles, watching and listening to people talk about the size difference in the meat section and picking up the larger option was making me want to stop them and say" it isnt even food" on the occassions that i have spoken out to people they are offended and upset that i should bring the fact that the two things they are comparing are worlds apart. Cognitive Dissonance is the thing that needs to be overcome, i put up quite a fight myself, I didnt want to believe that all there was for the people of this planet with a certain income bracket was this Genetically Engineered Poison. The more I looked into it the worse it became. 

For me, when I found out the billions of dollars that have been spent by the likes of Monsanto and other companies repsonsible for this to fight legislation of the labelling of their products and the fact it would have cost a fraction of what they had spent if they had just labelled what was in this stuff, was the tipping point. They would only fight so hard and spend so much to not be required to label if the act of isting their ingredients meant they would loose so much more in profits if people knew what was in there, speaks for itself. If there is nothing to fear from knowing what is in the food we consume... Why not tell everyone what is in it?

So this week we did a little experiment for those that argue the financial cost of buyng organic. Taking out the long term cost to health through eating this crap in the first place of course, we went shopping.

The Menu was meat free meat balls and bolognese pasta with garlic bread for 4 

First stop Sainsburys because Morrisons and Asda have little or none organic produce in our local stores at all... Shame on you!

Organic Mushrooms £1.30 

Organic Tomatoes £1.80

Organic Garlic 80p x4 cloves

Cauldron sausages for meat free alternative £2

Then onto Waitrose for Pasta and Bread

Organic Pasta £1.50 enough for 4 servings 

Seeds of Change Bolognese Jar of sauce £1.50 (special offer)

Organic Bread £1.45

4 fed for under £10 

Now my friend has just posted the equivalent with non organic whatever the hell that actually means... if it isnt organic thenits engineered.. GMO so lets get the labelling right and we can call it what it is!

Pasta 34pence

Jar of sauce 40p

bread 75p

baked beans 24p 

Mince £1.48p

4 fed (with what we dont know) for under £4

The thing is we are comparing price for price but how can we ? It is like comparing Gold to Plastic weight for weight the two things are completelty different one is gold and one is plastic, one is food and one is plastic. 

We then got into a discussion on a group about what is organic anyway and this is where you start to spiral. The soil is certified as having no pesticides used on it, however, my point was say the evaporation for a particular cloud has taken place over a field of Monsanto crops and then rains on the certified soil then that would render it non organic. 

That is why the polution of our eco system is not just about the end product, its about the source. It's about the large scale conamination of out water, our skies our food and about how it all makes a very healthy profit in the pharmeceutical industry that these same companies, not by accident, own!.

It is time for Community Supported Agriculture projects. Which is where this lead us. We thankyou Monsanto for what your behaviour is about to create. A New World Order you said ... well here it is ordered by the people of this planet..not YOU!

So, as The Free Energy Party UK is NOT about sitting around doing nothing moaning in a victim state. Looking for a solution on Tuesday this week I contacted the Soil Association in Bristol and we now have the information we need to roll this out en masse.

We want organic food to be as accessible to the eople of this planet as it is to access contaminated frankenfood laced with toxins and that is anything except natural.

Please visit their site for more innformation There is a link for Share of the Harvest, a pdf.

What we are going to attempt is :  We have enough people involved donating 5 hours a week to the community structure and where you share the harvest, but not only for the organic food. We aim to have an organic energy structure where the energy created by solar will be distributed amongst our volunteers via feeding the grid and having your energy bills written off.

Now who is in ?

Free Energy Indiegogo

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We are very excited about our Indiegogo launch that will encourage those that have had enough of the waste of energy in fossiled free energy from the planet and the destruction of our well being as well as that of our enviroment to demonstrate just how much they want to see a real change enfold rapidly. By donating to the fund we will be able to manufacture the devices to make energy the is freely available accessible to everyone. Everyone will benefit in a way most feel is impossible, but we know that there are many beliefs that are limiting us, and most of them arent even ours... just ones wepicked up along the journey that were shared by those before us. However we have the evidence and the contacts, the engineering know how and the as for the technology its already been around since Nikola Tesla and is infact being used in drones, the little spy ones that will be implemented in a bee solution, effectively privatising nature and the pollonation of it in one foul swoop, and foul is not a typo.


So we are asking to support your selves and our collective future generations by giving what you can to the indiegogo fund. Everything is accountable and we have your interests at heart. We realise when the last fish is dead and the air is so polluted you cannot breathe that countng your pertol derived dollars is pretty difficult holding your breath. Breaking free from the imagined slavery that we think we are in will not just free the energy from the monopolies but will free your energy too....