The Free Energy Party UK

A global movement party of unification under the tripod of  accessiblity to basic human needs of survival

About The Free Energy Party Uk Collective

Thousands of like minded people are uniting scientists, engineers and other innovators to implement a new system of self sufficiency and self dependency based in self belief and unity. The contrast of what we do not want has served us to create a new way of thriving instead of just surviving.

We invite everyone and everyone on an inclusion basis as oppose to exclusive. We recognise the planet and its resources belong to everyone and we aim to make them as accessible and as freely available as is possible.

We are actively building a system through Community Supported Agriculture Projects across the Uk.

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I, Lisa Nolson pledge as the leader of the UK collective that not one member of this shall profiteer or have another vested interest other than the benefit of everyone by our party its actions and its manifesto. There are no financial benefits to being a party member other than the pay off that comes with helping your fellow humans and your planet, that is priceless for us. There is no amount of monetary wealth that can compare to the magnitude of what we can accomplish by unification of the heart with the mind. 

Love for one another and ourselves, our environment and co habitants whence is adopted will bring a change in the reality we are currently suppressing ourselves with.

Love is the  only frequency and everything else stems from that even fear. Fear comes from love, fearing not having it, being worthy of it, getting it or giving it. We are here to demonstrate that love really is all there is, it is in everything and of everything and by us allowing love to be the main vibration instead of something you are lacking in the populations will realise that they have had it all the time along with all the resources that any of us ever needed to THRIVE.

I am involved with this party because this is my objective.

That all people everywhere will have their basic human needs of survival taken care of by themselves with the resources that are FREE released from monopolised corporations and allow the people to be self supporting. It is a limiting belief that we are helpless and hopeless and that belief has served the purpose of greed for centuries, however, greed has shown how through our vibration of scarcity we have created scarcity, or the fear of it.

The Free Energy Party will demonstrate that through that belief we have experienced enough contrast of what we don't want and that is what has propelled this movement forward at such a great pace. 

So in a tongue in cheek kind of way we have the greedy fat cat corporations to thank for our rapid evolution because without their chaos we wouldnt be so far advanced as to be asking you to vote for a new system. 

A new internal one that by passes the old and an infrastructure that it is all built upon is our love for one another. 

Just think what we can create in that vibration. Just look at what we are capable of creating in the fear vibration and imagine that degree of creation with very different foundations. There we have the formula of an unlimited abundant and happy future for all.

We also have many people now volunteering for Project Managers. Please email us if you would like to become actively involved.

[email protected]

The Land council are the structure of the combination of the energies that this movement has brought about finally. Bringing all specialist trained individuals resonating with the love frequency wanting to do good in the world for others and supporting a structure that supports others TO support others, together.

The removal of the administration of you and your assets has had these people working on it for years believing they were protecting the right people .. only to realise they were the terrorist they accused others of being to commit these atrocities.. we have stayed silent and compromised long enough .. you cannot  have free energy when source energy housed in our human bodies is enslaved now can we ????

Please see the videos regarding this top right and get involved with the community trusts...

The first step is an email away to [email protected].

Or more information on

The Free Organic Energy Projects are being installed everywhere follow the progress on facebook under the Dorset Roots Community and The Free Organic Food and Energy Projects

The Land Council Presentation  filmed here in Southampton July 2015, brings Ubuntu Free Energy and Free dom

Here is the access to the resources re turned to their source .. you the people..

The Land Council at Southampton

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Permaculture Simple Solutions