The Free Energy Party UK

A global movement party of unification under the tripod of  accessiblity to basic human needs of survival

The Free Energy Party Worldwide Movement Political Parties

"Because how is it democracy when you only get to choose from those already chosen for you to choose from...?"

The System is created broken and here is the solution

The Free Energy Party Uk began as a movement to protect inventors under patent umbrellas offering a level of protection from theft of their intellectual property. Raising money to support those who are working tirelessly all over the world to create access to free energy for all. Nikola Tesla is said to have wanted his discovery open sourced and shared for the good of mankind since 1927 when he discovered it.

Sadly omitted from our National Curriculum while brainwashing our children with non facts such as Eddison inventing the light bulb, it wasn't it was Tesla,  as the access to information is stifled along with all other basic requirements for the evolution of the people of this planet.

Free energy exists, we are examples of it. Enslaved through our current mind set keeps us from manifesting it into reality for all.

Why ?

Why would this information not be used? Well it is but in the negative frequency of war, fear and hate. Free Energy is being used when you tap into Wifi, only the chances are it cost you something to do so.

Its used to persecute for profit

Its being used in drones to remove the freedom from the populations of countries of the planet that hold great resources of energy that is not free, it needs tearing from the very heart of the planet and in doing so enslaves us all to petro chemical industry corporations sucking the life blood out of our planet and combusting it into a thick fog blotting out the sun in the name of protecting us from global warming. In a year that saw 30 mile of new ice form in the poles the nonsense being peddled by our politicians is nearly as insane as the people who don't even notice the sky being blotted out with chemclouds aka geo engineering... look up and then look it up on the .gov site a report on Geo engineering.

Then investigate HAARP and learn who the people really are you have to choose from to rule you.

From the food that we eat without questioning the fact it has e-coli cross contaminated with it on purpose to withstand the onslaught of toxic pesticides and herbicides that we are sold as "Natures Valley" or "Natural" food when it is everything except that.

The non disclosure we are subject to is staggering. Quite simply Organic food is food and anything else is not food and is likely to create massive profits for the pharmaceutical industry that oh by the way own Monsanto, responsible for killing you through your food so they can heal you with their poisonous chemicals called chemotherapy etc while gambling on your ill health on the stock exchange. Do you see it is not your money they want ... its your energy you expend in obtaining it to buy back the resources stolen from you under Allodial Title centuries ago.

By knowing this information you can level the playing field. You hold your name under a Non Disclosure and counter claim by invoice using commercial legislation overtime the cartel use it to create a false liability against you. 

To totally remove your self from the system, we have created

Kindness Credits

which means you can access your resources at a fraction of the cost because the transaction when you claim your honey oil wine holiday via this structure is done under asset transfer paperwork and does not therefore support terrorist activities or investment in the fear hate frequency, instead the energy is reinvested in creating a flow of energy towards supporting water spout creating electricity solutions, growing co operatives and organic practises of self sustainability.

And your name is no longer used therefore to produce weapons to kill innocent children with. 

You stop paying tax to the terrorists via purchases and levies and you support communities directly returning to self determination

 As an energetic universe the only real commodity is energy and the most profitable is yours.

See "Human Farming" on You Tube.


"Tricks and Traps of the Courts"

To the ignorance of destroying our own means of existence that contravenes all Laws Natural and Universal through consumerism of our resources without replenishing the supply.

To using chemicals that kill and call it medicine all the while making millions for the stock market in bonds created in your ignorance in your name with your birth certificate.

We can expect another 50 years of harvest before the soil becomes infertile. Beginning to resemble a lot like Mars seen already in Fuerteventura after only 50 years of mindless raping of the soil.

So, that's the situation that caused the contrast that created us to get up and do something. So we have the chaos creators to thank for that.

What we plan to do about it

Permaculture instead of Agriculture which replenishes the soils and works in unison with the land.

Natural Cures made accessible to all instead of toxic chemicals masquerading as medicine also known as Pharmaceuticals

Alternative and Free Energy made accessible to all.

The Tripod of change is simple

Access to resources freely for all

Free Energy instead of Oil

Natural Cures instead of a synthetic patented version created from PetroChemicals


Free Organic Food instead of GMO

The Tripod can only hold up when its foundations are sunk in irrefutable truth held together with love. Supported by The Constitutional Common Law and Natural Law it exists here and now, you just have to believe it is possible to see it, to see it.

Standing on Universal Laws that are indefeasible we have come together and discovered very simple solutions

The Community Trusts at is the structure that the current system pretend to adhere to, but don't. Full disclosure and practical assistance along with Free Organic Food and Energy Projects being initiated across the country set to replace the old out dated one.

See facebook groups

Offsetting unlawful debts and releasing people who get involved from the assumed slavery through understanding their rules in the court, in their system and how it is all de facto and bankrupt not just financially but morally as well. The Community Trusts facilitate the continuation to normal life while making a huge transition in the society we are now creating instead of set upon destruction.

We are holding meetings in Dorset. West Yorkshire. Hampshire and the North East this month see the site for more information and how to become involved or send an email to [email protected]

Kindness Credits
Access your resources such as Oil, Honey and Wine, Holidays and Natural Cures instead of Pharmaceuticals. Remove the final assumed jurisdiction of the Rothschild Slavery System
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